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26.09.2016, 09:59 email offline quote 

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21.11.2016, 10:44 email offline quote 

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registered: 05.04.2016
29.11.2016, 11:25 email offline quote 

wrong in the 3rd debate, but then he is not the greatest when it comes to factual knowledge. He wants you to believe he knows it all (like many of his surrogates sounding off in the wingnut media), but doesn't know science. To galvanize who? Solid dems Who by the way are spineless Which makes the words 'galvanize' and 'solid' seem very ironic in the context of this story Hillary more than anyone should be able to remember "Watergate " she worked on the law team, until she was fired. BTW Nixons presidency only lasted about a year and a half which was filled with investigation after which he stepped down instead of being impeached. A vote for Hillary, is voting for Kaine for President. This is history mirroring itself on a much larger scale. banliberals "It's over for Hilary, just in my office alone every die hard democrat has stated this morning they are not voting for Hilary! They are not voting or writing in Bernie Sanders..."! Oh the delusion. Apparently one believes not only a ban on liberals, but unfortunately a ban on factual information as well. The office poll sample size of six,cheap retro jordans, possibly seven"diehard liberals" in Utah will not determine the outcome of this election. Shouldn't one be more concerned about their extremist candidate possibly losing the most conservative state in the union? Trump is barely leading. As factual evidence supports. Correct me if I'm mistaken but I believe you had a prediction of a Romney landslide in 2012. Remind us again of the results? America has grown tired of the extremist obstruction. Your ilk will receive proof nearly one week from today. Unfortunately rather changing your message you all will blame the "liberal biased media" and begin another four years of insults,jordans for cheap, obstruction and whining. Furthermore may I direct you to Richard Painter's (former Republican W.H. Lawyer) statements in every major newspaper and news outlet. @worf -- "Terminating a baby's life up to nines months in the womb." Yet again -- even the LDS church allows for late-term abortions when the mother's life is at stake. Would you like to claim that they are wrong for doing so? The fact Clinton accepted the questions did the debate demonstrated her intent to deceive and to cheat. That alone should merit disqualification from running for the presidency. Congress should act. The Clinton's,cheap jordans free shipping, in my opinion,yourcellan.com, embody a core of corruption only demonstrated at this magnitude, in scripture reveled in the late 1820's, telling of troubled times, confusion, flip -flopped morality and corruption. We hear from her, blatant lie after lie after lie. Surely others have also made this comparison. Despite everything on Hillary's plate,- all I need is one reason for not voting her in. Terminating a baby's life up to nines months in the womb. I couldn't live with myself if I voted for her. @4601: "The Chicago Tribune said it best." No. The Chicago Tribune did not say that. An opinion columnist, writing an opinion column on the opinion page said that. His personal opinion, not the opinion or suggestion or position of the paper or the editorial board or the publisher. An opinion writer. For those who continue to support hrc I quote the great statesman and philosopher hilliary rodham clinton,www.yourcellan.com, ??willing suspension of disbelief?? most aptly sums up Hillary Clinton's disastrous career. Remember Benghazi. @SLars -- "Donna Brazile was finally let go by CNN today" Actually -- "The network

Cooney c

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